FIFA 20 Gameplay Changes Have Already Been Revealed

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It is pretty clear by now that FIFA games’ creators are usually so excited once they are on the verge of concluding production. With their 20th instalment underway, they surely cannot make this any less obvious as details of what players should expect have already been released on a blog by FIFA, revealing EA’s gameplay upgrade plans.

The post does clarify that the listed details are to be integrated with their next iteration and not the current FIFA 19, which might seem like an effort to make gamers even hungrier for it.

One of their most prioritised details is on AI defending with an even larger emphasis on manual defending in place of just letting the computer do the work for you. The example given as a key feedback example is said to be made better by increasing the probability that a manual tackle will pass on a ball to a teammate. The change is intended to contribute to a desirable end result and better gaming experience as a whole.

Shooting accuracy which is one of the many concerns obviously aired out by a large percentage of the gaming community is also addressed as one that will be improved by EA. The said renovation is meant to be done by increasing shots on target, “rewarding players with 1v1 situations and creating greater chances of scoring ‘easy goals’ ” that may have honestly been an issue with previous games. The somewhat “superhuman” reactions that goalkeepers give off when trying to score will also be resolved by reducing their reaction times.

Fifa 19 Gameplay

Screengrab from Fifa 19 Gameplay

Moreover, this will also be made possible by resolving the awkward out-of-the-foot situations that leave gamers dazzled and will be made possible only for players with that kind of trait as well as creating more consistency in shot elevation. With major complaint on the new Time Finishing feature, EA does promise to tune the mechanism by reducing to two frames for all shots and making them “slightly less specific”. This, however, does not mean that the green timed shots being less accurate than non-timed shots.

This comes alongside serious effort to make passing and shots more realistic more specifically on difficult strikes. The realism will be contributed by making volleys like 180-degree shots more variable and less accurate. On the other hand, clearly easy shots will be made more accurate. This is by bringing up new passing choices; the driven pass-and-go that will mean no more manual pass button combination (L1/LB+R1/RB+Pass) and the user-controlled ‘dinked’ pass which one will now have to execute manually in order to avoid a defender’s foot.

The creative team is also said to be working on improving player switches and reduce instances of a player getting locked on a loose ball without passing it to the right player. With all this said, EA is still expected to announce more about FIFA 20 and their plans for future gaming, particularly with football on June 8th just before the big event E3 2019.

Updated on 8th June 2019:

Rather than revealing more information now, EA plans on talking more about this year’s football game at EA Play. The publisher says a “full FIFA 20 reveal” is coming on June 8 at 7 AM PT (5 PM EAT).

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