Skype Adds Background Blur Feature to Video Calls

Skype Background Blur

A few of you might have forgotten that Skype still exists, with the insurgence of WhatsApp, Instagram and the like who have integrated video calling into their messaging platforms, Skype has remained a choice for a few professionals to hold remote meetings.

For this very reason, the service has announced that it is rolling out a feature that will blur out the background duringĀ a video call leaving only the subject in focus. According to Skype, this new background blur feature relies on artificial intelligence techniques to separate the background and the foreground thus creating a depth of field.

This feature would effectively make it possible for users to make Skype calls from their bedrooms and public places without feeling the need to ensure that their background is presentable.

The feature is currently rolling out to Skype for desktop, web and mobile apps but to a limited number of devices. When available, the feature will be enabled from within Skype settings or from the video call button while on a call. Before you get too excited about leaving your room messy when on a business Skype call, the company does give a disclaimer that they cannot guarantee that the background will always be blurred.

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