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4 Personal Safety Gadgets You Should Carry To Help You Stay Safe

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The crime rate in Nairobi and its environs has increased, much so that there has been a significant rise in daylight attacks. According to a report by the National Police Service, the attackers are targeting individuals of all ages, business premises, M-Pesa operators and residential homes. More targets are in well-populated areas, congested roads, isolated locations and low-traffic routes. A list of possible crime hotspots was also released to inform the public about areas to avoid.

With odds like these, it only makes sense that people should be vigilant and prepared with some personal safety supplies. Here are some low-profile personal safety gadgets that you can carry around to give you peace of mind.

Anti-theft Backpack

When in public and you know you will be carrying valuables, ensure you use an anti-theft backpack. First, most are made with an extra tough, anti-slash material that makes it difficult for attackers to cut their way inside your bag. Second, the zippers are usually hidden by flaps so it often looks like there’s no way into the bag. Finally, many anti-theft backpacks come with tools like locking cables and combination locks.


Having a reliable flashlight is a great part of your personal safety gadgets. Some are specially designed with a bright white light so that it can help you in many situations like walking in the dark or using it for self-defence like blinding your attacker.

Personal Safety Alarm

A personal safety alarm is handy especially when you are walking alone. It’s a small device that you can easily attach to your keys. The alarm drops a 120 – 130 dB noise that can take attention for help when someone is in danger.

Simply pull out the plug which sets off the alarm and also has a mini LED button that helps illuminate your way in the nighttime.


A power bank is a gadget that you shouldn’t do without. It doesn’t matter where you are going. Having a fully charged phone makes a difference so much that if you get into a predicament, it will be easy to call for assistance or share your location with a trusted family member or friend.


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