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SpotInvest Review – Your Trusted Global Broker

SpotInvest Review – Your Trusted Global Broker Gadgets Africa

SpotInvest Background

SpotInvest is an excellent broker providing fantastic trading opportunities for traders and investors. The broker offers a unique trading platform that allows traders to access markets and products of their choice. The platform is like a sea of opportunities for online traders and investors, thanks to the numerous trading instruments and broader market access.

SpotInvest provides traders with various products that are very attractive for trading. These include stocks, commodities, forex, crypto, and ETFs. The idea is for traders to find a product they like on the platform and invest in it. Moreover, it is a one-place platform where traders can do all their trading from beginning to end.

SpotInvest Key Features

With many brokers available today, SpotInvest stands out because of how it presents itself. While not overdoing it, the broker tries to differentiate itself from other brokers in several ways. To understand this, here are some key features that distinguish this broker from the rest.

No Commissions

SpotInvest offers numerous stocks with no commissions. You can invest in these stocks with no commissions to reap big. Commissions tend to eat away a trader’s profit from online trading platforms. The fact that this broker features numerous company stocks with no commission is a welcome idea for any trader or investor. The broker goes the extra mile to find these stocks and then provides them on the platform, making investing easier for customers. Not every broker will go to such great lengths to help traders.


SpotInvest is transparent in all its operations and activities. The broker provides clients with all relevant information even before the client requests. All information about the broker is readily available on the website for everyone to see. More importantly, the platform provides a link to client reviews that one can peruse to know their kind of broker. The fact that the broker is not against such high levels of scrutiny is a good impression because transparency is a positive factor in online trading.

Global Market Access

SpotInvest allows you to access many markets in all parts of the world. More importantly, the broker has access to the most lucrative markets like the US, China, Japan, and European countries. And this ensures that traders can enjoy easy access to these markets and benefit from them. Market access can be challenging if a platform does not provide such easy access. This broker is great at providing market access.

Different Types of Accounts

SpotInvest provides three account options for traders. The basic account is for anyone trying to get a feel for online trading. And this is good for beginners. The advantage account is for more advanced traders who want more than just the trading experience. This account is for traders who wish to enjoy some additional benefits of trading, including accessing zero-commission stocks. Finally, the broker offers the advantage plus account for very experienced and demanding traders. This account provides some additional benefits but is more costly. Offering different account options provides traders with a wide range of choices. Not all traders want the same thing. 

SpotInvest Pros & Cons


  • Simple trading framework
  • Educational resources and tools
  • Different account types
  • Very transparent
  • Larger market access
  • User-friendly


  • Lacks the mobile app

SpotInvest Trading Platform

SpotInvest has only a web-based trading platform. The platform works perfectly with no issues. The design is impressive, and this makes trading more enjoyable. 

The broker is currently developing a mobile app for the same purpose. But the app is yet to be released, so we could not review it.

SpotInvest Client Support

SpotInvest has excellent customer support. You can get client support round the clock. The customer support team handles client issues fast and professionally. You can access client support via the platform directly through the live link, which works perfectly.

SpotInvest Education & Tools

SpotInvest provides helpful market news and tools to help traders make informed decisions and trading moves. You can access the platform’s robust converters, calculators, widgets, and weekly informative videos for free. Most of these resources and tools help every trader in whichever investment area interests them. Nevertheless, contact this broker for more information and guidance before trading on their platform. 


Cover photo by Nicholas Cappello on Unsplash

DISCLAIMER: This article is sponsored and does not substitute for professional advice or help. Any action you take upon the information presented in this article is strictly at your own risk and responsibility.

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