Fix It With Dorris: How To Turn Off Headphone Mode on Android


Is your Android phone stuck in headphone mode and you can’t turn it off? Why is it showing headphone mode? How do I restore the sound on my Android phone? Where are headphone settings on Android? I am here to help you with how to get rid of it because I’ve been there before, and it’s really frustrating.

Why is it showing headphone mode and how to turn it off?

When your phone is on headphone mode on Android, you can’t make important calls without reaching for your headphones. Plus, you can’t quickly show music, videos, and other media to other people without it becoming a fuss. It may seem like a small issue but problematic.

The problem may be due to a bug in the software. Or, it could also be dust, dirt, issues with your phone’s settings or problems with the phone’s operating system.

How do I restore the sound on my Android phone?

First, you can try restarting your phone. If these don’t work, try Plugging in and pulling out the headphone several times to send the appropriate signal to your phone’s system. Repeat the steps several times to see if it fixes the issue. I also recommend that users check the port, and if any dirt is seen, clean it to fix the headphone symbol from the phone. It should fix the problem if you have a phone with a removable battery.

Where are headphone settings on Android

When you open your phone’s settings head to the Audio and Sound Balance section, choose Manage Audio Device then look for headphones. Click on “Default” and click OK. This should also help you solve the headphone troubles.

If none of this work, you can try factory resetting your device to get a fresh start. However, remember that factory reset will remove all your data and files. You can also try consulting experts who can fix android phones problems.

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