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Fake Instagram Smartphones Dealer Arrested in Nairobi


Victor Maina, who has been defrauding Kenyans, has been arrested for by posing as an Instagram dealer in high-end mobile phones and associated products.

Instagram Smartphone Dealer Arrested

Going by the alias, ‘Badman Anchor’ Victor operates several Instagram pages including Bakcell Apple store and Netsol Apple store. He was arrested following numerous complaints from members of the public. Some of who had lost hundreds of thousands of shillings to the scammer.

The DCI took to Twitter to alert Kenya of this scam artist.

“Members of the public are advised not to purchase products from unverified traders. This is especially since most of them are now flooding the online market and taking advantage of users.”

You can contact the DCI on their anonymous toll line to make your reports on criminal activities. Specifically those happening in your area.

As for us, our advice is to stay vigilant. Many are trying to make money and most of them are not legal ways.

For now, be cautious about buying anything you have not already physically seen. The streets are tough and thugs are getting tougher.

Always make sure to check other reviews and comments before purchasing any goods. Especially technology and any other gadgets.

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