Here Are Top 5 Tech Hacks You Need To Try Today

Tech hACKS

Personally, I wish I knew these before I finished school, but I’m sure I can find ways to use them in real life now. However, here are 5 tech hacks that should make your life a little easier.

5 Tech Hacks You Need

Finding Lost Documents

Have you ever been in a situation where you accidentally closed a file without saving and for some reason autosave was not working either? Well, in your file explorer, under “My/This PC”, search for “.asd” and you will find the file there.

It may take a while but you will most likely find the file there.

The ASD file extension is a data format associated with Microsoft Word. These files contain a snapshot or backup copy of the currently opened Word document.

Another way to go about it:

  1. Open Word and click on “File” > “Open” > “Recent”.
  2. Looking down the bottom of the screen, and click “Recover Unsaved Documents”.
  3. A pop-up window will display the ASD file contained in the UnsavedFiles Folder. Choose the ASD file you need, then click “Open” > “Save As” to convert the ASD file to Word.
Make an Essay Longer

The better way to do this is to do more research and get more facts to add to the essay in question. But what if you have already done that and you still don’t have enough pages?

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You can make the essay longer by

  1. Hitting Ctrl+F
  2. Search for “.”
  3. Change the font of the full stops from 12 to 14

They look exactly the same but they will make your paper significantly longer. Use at your own risk:) For more words, just type vakh vbal ivguayv bcna bCjhdvcs cl ysvc and change the font to white.

Shortening Long Articles

Say you’re on a deadline and the article you need to read for your article is like 5-10 pages long. To shorten it, you can use the website TLDR that summarizes articles for you.

This website shortens articles giving you mostly clear and concise sentences. You can also choose to see the keywords and a detailed/section-wise summary. All you have to do is post the article itself or a link to it and hit summarize.

Copy-pasting Text

When copy-pasting text, you want it to come as you see it fit. However, most times, the format you have is different from the format of the text. To make all your text similar when copying from an internet source, use CTRL+SHIFT+V. This will prevent it from formatting.

Making Sentences All Caps Or LowerCase

I hate those times when I have typed for a few minutes then when I look up, all my text is in all caps. There’s a quick way to change it back to lower case.

  1. Highlight the text
  2. Hit F3: This changes your text from lower case to upper case and or vice versa.
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