Apple’s New Update Could End App Tracking on iPhones


After a lengthy but entertaining launch event, Apple got into details about their products. Under their description articles on AirTags, it was revealed the iOS 14 will be coming next month. And that’s not even the exciting part. It looks like the update will include software that will end tracking on iPhones forever.

Is this the end of tracking on iPhones?

Reports suggest that Apple’s new privacy feature will require developers to ask for permission to track iOS users for ad targeting. It looks like it will, at last, be going live in the next iOS 14.5 release coming next month.

App Tracking Transparency

They are calling it App Tracking Transparency. It is a new opt-in requirement and will mark a significant shift in how mobile app developers are able to collect data on iPhone owners.

This includes how they share that data with other firms, including data brokers, to aid in advertising. How it works now is that Apple lets iPhone owners dig into their settings to disable this type of tracking.

However, now instead of forcing users to disable it, Apple will demand developers ask for permission first. If they don’t, they risk suspension or removal from the App Store.

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This move could potentially mean the end of app Tracking on iPhones and you know for a fact Facebook are not happy about this. We’ll have to wait till the release of the new iOS 14.5 but knowing Apple, they’ll probably go through with it.

Its important to note that, the apps will still be able to use the data you give them but they cannot share it with other apps. They say this will also reflect on their own apps too.

Privacy matters and this is a move I think should move to Google too. Let’s see what happens.

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