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Topics Trending on Social Media: Nancy Gitau and Tales of KPLC


In the past week there’s been little action on our favourite social spot on Twitter. However, the week ends on quite a high with Nancy Gitau taking centre stage and KPLC bringing an amazing halftime show. Let’s get into it.

Who is Nancy Gitau?

There’s a lot of speculation on who she is. One thing is clear, she seems to have a say in how the politics in Kenya work. The standard did a piece on her and not too many people are in agreement to what’s on their front page. Here’s what a few KOT’s have to say.

One says she’s the last word to who gets to be the President of Kenya…

He goes on to say,

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Mrs Nancy Gitau is one of the reasons Kenya has struggled to embrace free, fair and credible elections. I am embarassed with this headline by the Standard which fails to put records straight. She’s a militia who has terrorized our electoral system.

The debate goes on but until then, as we watch the story unfold, don’t forget,

Next up, KPLC

When it Rains it Pours, KPLC Woes

Its been quite the week in Kenya with rain pouring like Cats and Dogs in different parts of the country.

As you know, when it rains, the power seems to follow suit and go off. So those over at KPLC, have to go through some scrutiny on Twitter.

Here are some of the best tweets:

This is pure struggle,


Some people aren’t eating

Prevention is better than cure guys…

It’s probably going to rain again tonight so, before you go…

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