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How To Start a Podcast: 5 Important Things You Need


Podcasts have become a sensational hit during this Coronavirus Pandemic. More and more people are willing to sit down and listen to content as they go on with their daily duties chores and what have you. So as a content creator or as a storyteller/words of wisdom holder, you have probably thought of starting your own podcast.

Well, this article will help you understand the 5 basic things you need when recording your podcast.

5 Things You Need When Recording Your Podcast

So let’s assume, you have an amazing story to tell or a rather intriguing topic to discuss and you’d like to share it with the world. However, you’re a tad bit shy on camera and maybe your writing skills are not up to par with how you’d like them to be.

Maybe you feel like the world really needs to hear your voice. Whatever the case, you just know that podcasts are the option for you.

Getting the tech-ready

You may have seen other creators on YouTube or other platforms setting up their podcasts and you’re thinking “wow… That’s costly”. Fun fact, you don’t have to start from there.

All you need are these five things;

  • A smartphone
  • Earphones
  • Recording App
  • A quiet room
  • Platforms to upload your podcast to
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That’s it.

Going back to where we started, you have your story. Now it’s recording time.

A Quiet Room

This is an important part of your podcast. The thing about auditory content is that all the focus is on what people can hear. It’s hard to concentrate when there are children playing in the background or farm animals crying out to the heavens.

Take time off your day when there are not a lot of people or no one is around, get to a quiet low ceiling room and record your podcast. (Low ceilings reduce the echo.)

Now you can get your smartphone and earphones.

Smartphones, Apps and Earphones

Smartphones nowadays pack a lot of power in them and thus give you the ability to record your own podcast studio et Al. You may choose to record directly through the phones built-in microphone or use a pair of earphones.

It is important to test out both ways so that you see which one best suits you. Next is the App. The way to get the best out of your smartphone is to download an app that will help you out. Out of all that we have tested so far, Anchor is the best one for you.

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The app lets you record, edit, add background music and also helps you post your podcast on different podcast dedicated platforms. From here it’s all about your story and sound quality. To get the best out of both, it’s imperative to:

  • Write down a script so that you do not lose your train of thought
  • Practice, Practice, Practice
  • Don’t get tired of listening to yourself
  • Get a friend to give you feedback

From here, if you are not satisfied with the platforms, you can copy the links and post them on your other socials. Next we’ll talk about good gadgets to get when you are ready to spend some money.

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