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Trends That Made Headlines On Social Media: Raila, Meghan Markle and Elsa vs KQ


It’s Friday and as another week is coming to an end and we want to take a look at all the trends that coursed through our social media pages. Most notably of the many incidents to happen, we will focus on the Megan Markle interview, Raila and his COVID results and Elsa vs Kenya Airways.

Raila, Meghan Markle and Elsa vs KQ

Raila Tests Positive for COVID-19, Goes Into Isolation

In recent weeks there has been a lot of talk about the COVID-19 pandemic in Kenya. From the discussions floating around, it looks like its one step forward and two steps back.

On Monday, the vaccine was flown into Kenya and it looked like all would be well. However, the joy died down as medical officials began to make us aware of the new COVID strain. It has more symptoms and much more dire consequences.

Since then the numbers have increased with one notable person affected, Hon. Raila Odinga. Although there were heartfelt comments from well-wishers,

Kenyans never fail when it comes to dark humour

Others felt that if the virus could affect Raila Amollo Odinga, the country should be ‘disbanded and everyone should go home.

We wish him well.

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Meghan Markle Interview: “Racial Abuse almost led me to death”

Now we take a trip abroad to tackle a different issue pertaining to many people in the world today. Racial abuse. This unsettling topic has been the talk of the year and more specifically this week when the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle and her husband, Prince Harry, sat down for an interview with Oprah.

The sit down was highly anticipated and this was seen as almost 17 million people worldwide tuned in to watch the drama unfold. As noted in the interview, due to the high extent of racial bias, the couple decided to strip themselves of any royal ties and some Kenyans are in support.

The whole conversation was a rollercoaster even for Oprah. Hearing that Megan Markle wanted to commit suicide and barely had help was a shocker to most. But one thing stands firm; Megan is strong and Prince Harry will always be there for her.

Elsa Vs Kenya Airways

Finally, let’s take a flight back closer home, but not ‘with KQ’ as Elsa states she is not a fan of them and no one should use the service.

The comment is not really the issue as many people tend to go through a lot of issues when flying. However, what came to light is how many people have had issues with KQ in itself. There was quite the debate on the comment section pertaining to the service and Elsa’s humility.

But as we said earlier, the funnies will never cease to amaze us

There was a response from the airline but there is no winning for them

And yes, the funnies still reign supreme!

What a week. What Trend affected you most? Was it Megan Markle, Raila or Elsa?



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