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Live Auction – Another Case of Kenyans’ Desperate Desire “Kuomoka”


It’s a beautiful sunny day, birds are chirping, cars zooming on the road, and your friend has just told you about Live Auction, the new way to make easy money from the comfort of your house, or is it?

Live Auction claims to be a peer-to-peer online investment platform where members buy and sell shares to make a profit. Shares for which company? Well, these are all virtual shares, imaginary if you may. Actually, Live Auction does compare itself to the world’s most popular cryptocurrency, “just like bitcoin our shares work on demand and supply algorithm, while some are buying, others are selling making it a continuous system with minimal risk”

The online investment platform promises a 30% interest in 4 days, 60% interest in 8 days and 95% interest in 12 days. This means, the more you let your money stay within the system, the more you are supposed to earn. Oh, there’s also a 5% interest for every level of referral that joins under you (we shall address this later on).

How it Works

Once you are registered on Live Auction, users are then required to “bid” an amount of their choice between KES 1,200 and KES 200,000. At this point, you are not going to pay anything, it’s just a show of interest. If your bid goes through, you are paired with an already existing user on the platform, from whom you will get shares.

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Here’s where it gets interesting, this user already has shares trading on the platform and these are the shares that have been allocated to you after you bid. To complete the transfer of the shares, you are required to send, via M-PESA, your bid amount to the phone number of the person the system has paired you with. This person then confirms receiving this money through the system and the shares are reflected on your account.

Notice that so far, the platform has not handled any money? It may look like a legitimate way to make money since it gives a sense of security that the platform cannot disappear with your investment but there’s more to it.

The Red Flags

Apart from moving their domain from liveauction.cash to liveauction1.cash after only a few months of operation for unknown reasons, the platform itself has a few red flags that are a telltale sign of things to come:

First, there’s no actual “investment”. The money you bid on the platform is sent to someone else who has chosen to cash out. So where does the platform get money to pay the interest? Essentially, Live Auction users are just moving money around themselves like what a chama would do. However, unlike a legitimate chama, the shares you supposedly get when you win a bid, are nothing but just number on a screen.

Secondly, the platform requires the constant recruitment of new investors for it to actually work as intended. Despite the fact that Live Auction doesn’t put an emphasis on existing members recruiting new ones, the only way for current members to make money is if there’s a demand for their shares which can only be so if there’s a constant supply of new member – characteristics of a pyramid scheme.

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Lastly, and the final nail to the coffin, Live Auction was supposedly scheduled for an upgrade on Thursday, 12th November. A system upgrade that was meant to last about 72-hours is yet to be completed. At first, admins were asking for patience from users as they worked to restore the service but things have seemingly taken a turn for the worst with complete silence from all admins.

To top it all up, there are reports from multiple users that before things went south, the last round of paired bids was to the benefit of Live Auction founders. What this means is that “the system” paired would-be investors with the masterminds behind the product, essentially getting the money in the hand of the creators.

Vanished Investments?

As of going to press, Live Auction management was yet to reach back to us on what exactly was happening. The website, liveauction1.cash has also completely gone offline, after intermittent 404 errors since late-night Sunday (15th November).

A number of users have come forward, having lost money that they had invested in the platform, hoping that they would get to cash out big. Reports online and screenshots in our possession show that numerous people had invested funds running from KES 20,000 to hundreds of thousands of shillings.

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Like any other pyramid scheme, there are users who joined the platform early and have actually made money from Live Auction. A writer from Kampusville testifies to have made over 50k from his initial 5K investment, he, however, notes that he knew that is was a multi-level marketing platform and thus was cautious with his investment. Unfortunately, this is not the same case with everyone and others had even re-invested their earnings, in the hope of “kuomoka”, with a case of someone waiting to cash out as much as 500K from the platform (according to his screenshots).

Government Intervention

Cases of such platforms have been on the rise in KenyaΒ and ironically, there are already Live Auction clones popping up within WhatsApp and Telegram groups, promising to be “more legit”.

Apart from the constant sprouting of pyramid schemes preying on innocent Kenyans, desperate to make it in life, another constant has been the deafening silence from relevant authorities. Apart from sharing tweets and Facebook posts, warning the public on pyramid schemes, we are yet to see the government actively fight to protect its citizens from such scams.

Who shall fight for us?

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  5. I think you’ve exaggerated

  6. I lost amount of money where I never earn before first bid first loss

  7. watu wa LA salaam alekuum

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  20. I think those call admin must be already in jail at the moment

  21. Marry Christmas to them,,,good for them wameomoka na pesa yetu

  22. We kenyans are becoming way too ruthless, we encourage the poor into investing their small cash then run away with it

  23. Easy money but now see where it landed you

  24. Wemeenda na 20k ya mkopo

  25. My 20k imeenda tu hivo but si ni life

  26. The admins should be held accountable and refund all monies due to the investors. These’re fraudsters who MUST face law

  27. Robbing the poor only brings you misery.They’ll never know peace

  28. I appeal to all those affected to come forward and state their losses so that a roadmap may be laid for the recovery of their monies. All is not lost

  29. Hahaaa, only to be conned day time!!!!

  30. As they were knowing that they will close, the admins took pesa zero, Mungu anawaona

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  33. You guys should just take it easy, life still continue afterall.
    Sometimes we win, sometimes we learn.

  34. Live auction owners do not benefit out of this

  35. Please understand how live auction business model works

  36. You are just a bloger trying to make a name.we are the Kenyans and we can defend ourselves.We are these schemes intentionally and we know what we are doing and why we are there

  37. How live auction owners gained from their site is bidding shares like rest of the members and donations from their clients.The person who wrote this article I don’t think understood how live auction operated as majority of kenyans.

  38. Live auction should return back to business and sue this blog.

  39. The reason why they moved from live auction 1 to 2 was because of errors that were being experienced in the site.No one or nothing is perfect if Live auction can be given a chance to improve it can improve on services it offers to its clients.

  40. Another brilliant idea killed by the Kenyan system of individuals who don’t take time to understand how some things work.LA had characteristics of a ponzy scheme but was designed in a way to allow no one to loose njenje

  41. Live auction idea is smart it is an SA thing.Kindly if there is any Kenyan calling him or herself the IT guru who can design such a site.Please come forward and design and save your fellow youths.If not just go to SA and bench mark.

  42. Before pointing figures just understand how LA works.

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  51. You are now speaking man,cool down and b positive in your thoughts

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  53. LA will be back bigger and better.

  54. The Way you defend LA you appear to be amongst the founders.

  55. LA…just disappearing with money?
    Like seriously? Common, you can do better than that…..

  56. Hello, why do you say so.. I have lost a lot of money and I am stressed . Do you know when it will be back

  57. When will it be back?πŸ˜₯

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  59. M-pesa should really help track this money back to there right full owner

    If possible wachukuwe ata 5%

  60. Learnt a double lesson

  61. May you never have peace in your entire life

  62. Everyone knew it was a risk before venturing to it soo please let’s blame no one I lost 50kbut I dont regret coz I knew it was a risk I was taking….. Life itself is a risk right? Let’s calm down and relax

  63. I thought that this project will be a change of life but i was wrong all the way,but i just hope that its just a typical error and liveauction is going to solve out the problem.i had many plans for next year i believe that its still going to come true,i have faith.so guys lets keep our hope and faith stronger its just a cup of pain but it shall come to pass…have a wonderful day and God bless you all…

  64. The genuine Idea is underway……

  65. This true but some people think that there was another Peer Group to take from us for the system

  66. n then that is the last bid expected. Not unless they use the agents with their money to pair the investors for the system to restart gain. If the Problem started on 12th Nov 2020 then we have to wait until 24th Nov 2020.

    I hope they will use the cash they received to restart the system. Again: If they depend on bitcoin investments then we must not worry because they have reinvested this 10million to bitcoin, that means we expect a big return and most probably with the increased minimum amount to bid (Like KES: 2000)..
    Guys, six months is less for a site like Live Auction to close down because we are the sharing targets of Cash unless otherwise, I mean if I was the owner of this system, I would take the surplus and profit from the Bitcoin but not all from the humble investors. I know Bitcoin is a good business of digital currency exchange and it has a good return……….TO YOU INVETORS LET BE PATIENT, THEY ARE WORKING ON SOMETHING GOOD…..NAJUA PRESSURE MINGI….I KNOW THE MORE YOU INVESTED, THE MORE PRESSURE YOU HAVE BUT BE PATIENT ON THIS WE NEED YOU ALIVE FOR THE FUTURE……I intend to create a WhatSapp Group for all the Members, if interested please give a reply on this comment…though getting numbers will not be a big problem for I have the numbers that I paid and the once who paid me….the so called pairing numbers…………..If NOT a good idea kindly share too..

  67. I have an IT expert, we can trace the admins first and get to the master minds. After this week if they are not going to revive the system we are going in hard….. We are 34 of us, wameenda na 3.5million yetu (mbogi yetu). Kama hatutasaidiwa na serikali tunachukua sheria mikononi mwetu…..
    Its gonna be so Ugly

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  81. According to my check, the domain name is active. Its expiration date is 9/4/2021.

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  98. I honestly feel like this article was an exaggeration especially if the person who wrote it wasn’t affected and is basing it on information from unconfirmed sources.
    Be patient.

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  124. ANOTHER BOOMING SITE HAS COME…..CAN SOMEONE HELP US TO FIND OUT IF THIS ONE IS LEGIT: https://swayincorporation.co.ke/[email protected]

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