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Huawei Launches Online Lectures on The Future of Technology in Kenya

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It’s quite notable that the technology sector has played a critical role in minimizing disruptions to the economy. Technology also plays a huge role in creating new opportunities for economic and social development. Thus it’s no surprise to see Huawei Kenya launch their new initiative UniTech Talk.

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Huawei UniTech Talk

Huawei Unitech Talk

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What is it?

The talk is a regular lecture series for lecturers, students, and tech enthusiasts to share the latest technologies, industry trends, development policies, and insights.

Its aim is to help position the Kenyan ICT industry to take advantage of the latest technologies. A total of 550 University students attended the lecture from undergraduate, graduate to PhD students.

Topics of Discussion

It was introduced by the Huawei Kenya CEO, Mr Will Meng.  The talk covered various topics,

  • How ICT is helping fight the pandemic and stimulate economic recovery amongst different industries to 5G
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Cloud, Edge Computing
  • Ecosystem development.

In his welcome remarks, Mr Will Meng, CEO of Huawei, emphasized that Technology greatly improved quality of life.

“We believe that better knowledge and skills are critical for Kenya to take advantage of the digital economy. With that in mind, we are increasing our investments in training Kenyans. Hopefully, this lecture will arouse participants’ interest in ICT to develop and contribute more to Kenya.”

The talks continued with the likes of Steven Zheng, CTO of Huawei Kenya. He highlighted the opportunities new technologies can bring to different industries:

“We believe that technology is transforming many industries. This creates a huge opportunity for Kenya: transportation, manufacturing, energy, and healthcare especially. Soon, businesses in Kenya will digitize fast and grasp new opportunities.”

More information…

Huawei says that announcements of the next in the series will be made on Twitter and on Facebook. Meanwhile, ICT students can sign-up for the 1-week long Seeds for the Future online training program in September. The applications are currently open until August 29.

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