You Will Be Locked Out Of Your Zoom Meetings Without This Update

Zoom 5.0 Update
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Amid the rise in popularity over the last few months, it is well known that Zoom has been caught up in some trouble as well. The video conferencing app has faced scrutiny over poor privacy policies that had hackers all over the platform.

Now, the app is looking to earn some trust back with its users, taking more steps to bring in enhanced security features. The service is now rolling out a new update that all users will be required to have if they wish to continue using it.

This was announced in a blog post on Zoom’s official site, explaining that Galois/Counter Mode (GCM) encryption will be enabled throughout the system from May 30th. Additionally, the new update will be mandatory for all meetings. “On May 30, Zoom will cut over all accounts to GCM encryption,” the post reads.

This will need users of desktop and mobile versions of Zoom to update promptly. A new green shield icon will be visible to indicate that the encryption is enabled.

With the GCM encryption, all meetings and accounts will be layered with protection algorithms to prevent anyone from tampering with your personal data or meetings. Numerous complaints had surfaced about hackers tampering with meetings and uploading pornographic content without the participants’ consent.

Other than the security enhancements, the Zoom 5.0 update will include displaying non-video participants via their avatars by default and turning off call history by default

All this comes at a time when a large number of people around the world rely on video conferencing tools for communication as they are confined at their homes. So, making such improvements is a welcome step to make the user experience much better.

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