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Here Are Some of The Best WIFI Packages In Kenya

WiFi Kenya

In this article, we have compiled some of the best, most affordable and reliable Wifi packages in Kenya. The prices may vary depending on the time you read this article. However, these are the most recent prices.

WiFi Packages in Kenya

Poa Internet

This low-cost internet provider costs KES 1500 a month with speeds of up to 4Mbps. The package also gives access to 3000 free UKO poa! Public Wi-Fi hotspots.

Zuku Internet

Zuku offers unlimited internet. Its prices are however not as great as those of Telkom’s.  It starts with 5Mbps all the way to 250 Mbps. The only benefit is the addition of a TV and telephone package.

Safaricom Home Fibre

The unlimited Safaricom Home fibre Internet allows you to have fast, reliable and unlimited internet access in your home. However, the internet is only available in some regions. It starts from 5Mbps to 40Mbps.

Telkom Kenya

A Telkom 4G Router – This comes bundled with;

  • 4G SIM card on the home data profile
  • FREE 10GB data valid for a month
  • Once the data bundle allocation is exhausted, browsing will be charged  at out of bundle rate  – Ksh 2/MB
  • Unused data bundles do not roll over to the next month
  • If the customer buys another bundle before the expiry of an existing bundle, the bundles will accumulate
  • Customers on home data will enjoy other services:
    • Making calls  on-net and off-net – Ksh 4/- per minute
    • Sending SMS on-net and off-net – Ksh 1/- per SMS
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WiFi Kenya

Faiba Internet

Faiba offers internet for home and business users in Nairobi. Its services, unlike the rest, start from 30 Mbps all the way up to 125 Mbps.

Wifi Kenya

Take your pick.

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  1. When I saw the in title ‘cheapest’ I was hoping to see some names other than these big 3., (POA WiFi et al)
    That Telkom one isn’t even ‘legit wifi’ just a plus size MiFi. And even then, their regular mobile bundles are better value! 😒🤦🏾‍♂️

    Should have called it ‘popular’ instead.

  2. We people who are staying far from major towns how can we access WIFI in our homes?

  3. well said….i was hoping to see the meaning of the title too


  5. Best Wi-Fi 6 router. TP-Link Archer AX6000. $300 at Amazon.
    Best router on a budget. D-Link DIR-867. See at Amazon.
    Best mesh router. Nest Wifi. $269 at Best Buy.
    Best mesh value. Netgear Orbi (dual-band, AC1200) $129 at Walmart.
    Best mesh performance. Netgear Orbi 6 (tri-band, AX6000) $700 at Amazon

  6. Please give details

  7. Can they be used in Kenya and do you bring them in

  8. Hi guys?plz help me which is the best WiFi in my home at a lower price.i need it plz

  9. I have a WiFi router connection used by my neighbour previously, but since he relocated he left me the router but it’s not activated yet since he left…I would love to use it and he told me he used to pay ksh1800 per month…please help!!! ([email protected])

  10. Airtel mifi

  11. Telkom unlimited is a big lie and not legit. Better buying bundles than paying the 4k unlimited one.

  12. This isn’t a list of the cheapest. In fact, it’s the direct opposite. Safaricom shouldn’t even be on the list, they are, without a doubt, the most expensive.

    Airtel MiFi is cheap and reliable. For a MiFi solution.
    Faiba is cheaper than both Airtel and Safaricom for home installations – but it can be very unreliable sometimes. I have had occasions where I don’t have Internet for a few days. Unrelated to power (KPLC) issues.

    For MiFi (portable WiFi), go with Airtel.
    For home, choose Faiba, or Airtel.

    Leave Safaricom to M-PESA only.

  13. Does it cover rural areas?

  14. To get connected to Faiba from JTL email me on [email protected]

  15. Poa Internet is the cheapest in town but their internet is the most pathetic, Airtel’s sluggish speed is way better… They sell you 4Mbps but deliver ≤2.5Mbps, and as if that is not enough, loading a light website like takes 1 minute of refreshing. nkt… Their customer care doesn’t care answering customers calls and messenger texts….

  16. Wifi internet is slower than zuku or safaricom fibre. But is it enough to access fast writing websites like .
    There are some internet provides that can connect you at any remote place. just not as reliable as fibre internet.

  17. To get connected to Safaricom home fiber, kindly email me [email protected]

  18. FHLFiber is the best above all, for both wireless and optic upto 6Mbps @ 1800/-
    And 70mbps @16,599/-

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