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Snapchat Comes Up With New “Social Distancing” Filters To Help Users Stay Safe

Image courtesy Snapchat

It seems like Snapchat has been in the works during the coronavirus outbreak with the results being two new lenses meant for social distancing. In collaboration with the World Health Organisation,  the two AR filters are mean to help users stay safe at home amid the ongoing crisis.

Dubbed “My Social Distance”, the filter creates an AR circle on the ground to visualise what a safe distance is between you and the next person. The circle stays green if there’s no one in the circle. As the distance between you and another individual decrease, then the circle turns orange-red.

According to Snapchat, the distance covered by the circle s informed by WHO’s social-distancing guidelines. The lens is generally a way to make sure users have fun as well as observe safety as guided by WHO for the greater good.

The second lense contains animated reminders about washing your hands, staying at home and not touching your face. The update is not necessarily something out of this world but it does offer a cool insight into how technology can be used in different and interesting ways during this time. The interactivity provided by this one is one that has already received positive feedback so far.

This comes shortly after other social media platforms pledged to take all necessary actions to curb misinformation about the coronavirus. Twitter and Facebook were among the first to begin banning posts and even accounts that do so. YouTube has also been quite vigilant in taking down videos dedicated to spreading fear and panic through false information.


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