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Kenyans Express Disappointment Following Google Project Loon Announcement

Google Project Loon
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On March 23, President Uhuru Kenyatta addressed Kenyans on what the citizens thought (from the online conversations) would be new measures to curb the spread of COVID-19 and at the same time possibly offer a solution to the economic hit Kenyans have taken so far.

Instead, President Uhuru announced that Kenya had now approved the use of Google Loon balloons to enhance 4G connectivity in remote parts of the country in partnership with Telkom Kenya.

While this news was welcome to a section of Kenyans, who had prior information on how bureaucracy had halted the progress of the “internet balloons”, a good number of people felt that the president had “misplaced priorities”.

We scouted through Twitter and found that Kenyans were unhappy with the President’s announcement. Most people expressed their disappointment, saying that they expected an announcement on government subsidies or something in line with supporting Kenya’s economy in times when calls to stay home are mounting.

From the President’s address, the approval of the Loon project is in line with the Government’s effort to combat the spread of Coronavirus. As per his speech, the availability of fast 4G internet would allow those working from home to get their job done and also enable students to access learning resources online.

“This is to enable Kenyans access internet as they work from home,” said President Uhuru.

These are some of the unhappy reactions that followed the president’s statement; from sarcasm, imagined violence and general anger with the government:

The question now moves to you. Are you happy with the government announcement on Google Project Loon?

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