Here’s Why The Playstation 5 Might Not Get To Kenya This Year

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Everyone around the world is still waiting for at least a glimpse of the upcoming PlayStation 5. This includes gamers from Kenya who have openly expressed their eagerness numerous times on social media, with many also fearing on the potential pricing.

But till now it is getting clearer that the console’s manufacturers, Sony are not interested in showing anything yet. Maybe it’s because the console is too good to be revealed right now, or maybe they are just waiting for Xbox to spill the bean on everything, we don’t know.

What we know is the console is on its way but wrapped in a thick dark cloak.

But are we even likely to see the console in Kenya this year? I might go ahead and think not, but hear me out. The ongoing pandemic is spreading fast across the globe and with it, comes a whole lot of trouble.

Other than just the normal tech events, gaming events are receiving some impact. This is mainly pioneered by the E3 conference that called it quits a few days ago. Of course, this is mainly to ensure the safety of everyone that was meant to attend the global event that was scheduled for June 9th to 11th Los Angeles.

After careful consultation with our member companies regarding the health and safety of everyone in our industry — our fans, our employees, our exhibitors, and our longtime E3 partners — we have made the decision to cancel E3 2020, scheduled for June 9-11 in Los Angeles.

And yes, I know that companies like Sony never planned to even be there this year. Many would assume that Sony just wants to keep the PlayStation 5 surprise alive.

But with everything going on, there might be a huge possibility of the PlayStation5 reveal event not seeing the light of day at all. Again, this is totally out of speculation and nothing has been said yet. But since I seem to have already rilled you in on the pessimism, maybe we should just roll with it.

Say the event gets the red light. That means it might have to be postponed or just done the old way online without an audience to cheer on (which is way worse). The aftermath might be a huge delay in the official sale of the console which could then result in a bigger drag on shipping.

Normally, we are used to these products taking a minimum duration of a month to get to us, the third world folks. So most likely, the PlayStation might get a huge deal that could see it touch the land very late this year or even later.

Either way, we just hope that all this trouble will be contained and extinguished as soon as possible as to not cause more harm than it already is to the global economy.

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