Any racing game fanatic will appreciate the whole adrenaline-pumping Asphalt series from Gameloft and the 13-year old evolution of the franchise was culminated by last year’s Asphalt 9: Legends. And even though some may already have exhausted every single level, it is okay to admit they are not so easy to nail especially if this was your first entry into the video game racing world.

The game uses a Bullet and Jet Engine, which is quite powerful and is nicely ported for mobile gaming. It also features both single and multiplayer modes. Moreover, the game which is Asphalt 8: Airborne’s successor comes with upgrades that include over the top stunts, unrealistic physics and neck-breaking speed all in an intention of giving us a racing experience unlike any other, just on our smartphones.

of course in games that involve extreme racing, practice is the best way to eventually get to pro levels but here are some tips you might want to execute if you find yourself stuck at some point in your mobile play or if you just want to make the game more fun.

Getting New Cars

Gameloft clearly made Asphalt 9 Legends in a bid to bring a top and simply awesome mobile gaming experience, but one thing we found as a downer was the limited number of real-life cars that you can get to your disposal. But unlike previous versions, you do not require real currency in order to get the car that you desire the most to race in.

All you need is to collect as much blueprint as you can, a mechanic that has been adopted by new-generation games especially collector games in the recent few years.

a9 cars

Doing a Shockwave

The shockwave might very well be one of the most vital yet satisfying stunts in the game if you get to successfully execute in a race. But for you to nail it, you must first ensure that your nitro bar is 100% full, so you have to take any technique and tactic that eventually gets to fill it up as quickly as possible.

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Once you’ve done that, a bottle icon will appear on the right side of your vehicle. Double-tap the icon and enter warp 9! The shockwave is the best technique after a long ramp jump, just as you touch down, as long as there is enough straight road ahead to really make it count.


Making a 360-degree spin

Similar to other preceding versions the 360-degree spin is done when you double-tap the drift button. It helps to flawlessly switch the direction without having to reduce your speed, turn and then boost nitro up by up to 50% in normal circumstances.

Tips & Tricks

1. Time Your Initial Boost

With the importance that the beginning of every race holds, it might be paramount for you to kick it off with good energy. Hitting your boost precisely at the perfect time as the counter hits zero is a technique that will definitely get you to maximise on your chances and eventually gain good position right from the starting line.

2. Switching On The Touch Drive Mode

Have the touch drive mode on is one that will get you ahead in your mobile play. The option known as OP is one that we find as a necessity on mobile devices considering the top speed broken in Asphalt 9 legends can be too much to a point it seems unrealistic.

Basic driving and turning are already one for you with this feature enabled and you also get notified of any turns, nitro boosts and ramps ahead. All that is eventually required from you is to kick back and enjoy the speed. And although some players may find this option available for the lazy ones, you can find it located at the bottom right corner in your garage screen.


3. Make Sure You Don’t Miss Ramps

This version of Asphalt came with new mechanics, compared to Asphalt 8 and other editions. One of these alterations was steady speeds even when your car is airborne. I would find it unnecessary to have a go on the ramps and jump because it would lead to my position being taken by another driver. Luckily, for now, you have the ability to even speeding up mid-air when you use your nitro-boost.

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In the end, you gain really impressive speed and are able to execute fun stunts.

4. 2x Nitro or Ramp?

If you desperately need it, give attention to your announcements. If you had a situation of 2x nitro coming up and you had to choose between that or a ramp, it would be in your best interest if you chose the 2x nitro boost as it improves your time. Go for the ramp if it is big enough to fill your nitro to 100% and uses it up instantly after landing.

 5. Always Drag and Turn

Dragging and turning when taking any types of turns and tight corners get you to preserve your top speed and prevent you from hitting any walls alongside filling your nitro.

6. Spin Before The Ramp

Making a 360-degree turn at the right time just before taking flight from a ramp will give you stunt bonuses, capitalise your time in the air, fill your nitro to 100% and if you’re lucky enough, help you knock someone out mid-air. How cool is that? Some players may find it necessary to make a small slow down in order to begin turning but this is only ideal for small ramps and not for a heated up part of the race.

Asphalt 9 Legends is not just available on smartphones but also for PC. The mobile gaming world might have, however, already made the game a hit ever since its launch. This is because the mobile version had not been made readily available during the soft launch phase and this had people playing it via a cracked version. You can now install it on both the App Store and Google Play Store.


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