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How To Send Disappearing Photo and Videos Pale WhatsApp

WhatsApp Disappearing Photos

WhatsApp has rolled out its “View Once” feature today. This is not an entirely new concept as we have seen this with both Instagram and most notably Snapchat over the past few years. Essentially what happens is that you send a photo or video to a WhatsApp user and they can only view it once, hence the Disappearing aspect.

I guess this is for when you want to send confidential information to someone and once they view it it ‘self-destructs’.

How To Send a Disappearing Photo or Video on WhatsApp

  1. Head over to the PlayStore and make sure WhatsApp is updated
  2. Select the chat you want to send your images to
  3. Tap on either the camera icon or attachment icon to select the image or video you want to send
  4. Choose an image
  5. Before you send it, tap on the new icon that looks like thisWhatsApp Disappearing Images and Videos
  6. This will set the photo to be viewed only once.
  7. Now you can hit the send button
  8. After they view it, it will look like this

WhatsApp Disappearing Photos

For now, just like Snapchat you can only send one photo and video at a time. The recipient will also be able to see that it’s a disappearing photo. This means that they can still take a screenshot of the photo unlike on Telegram. So make sure to send it to people you trust to not take a screenshot.

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