Batch Editing In Lightroom: How To Apply Edits To Multiple Photos At Once

batch editing lightroom

The fun part of photography is getting out there and taking photos. As much as editing is the cherry on the top with a little dodging and burning here, and a little colour correction there, it gets tedious and time-consuming after a while.

What if you could make all those edits to all your photos at once?

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Batch editing is the one workflow that makes it all possible. It’s a quick way to synchronize your edits across multiple selected photos. This means having a quicker and more effective workflow. Thankfully, you can do this in Lightroom which is also really easy to get the hang of.

Here are the essential steps for batch editing photos in Lightroom in no time at all.

Batch Editing Photos In Lightroom

Prerequisite: You have applied edits or a preset to one photo.

  • Apply the edits or presets.

Select and photo with the edits or presets applied.

  • Copy the edits

Use Command+C on Mac or Ctrl+C on Windows to copy all the photo edit settings. To choose which specific edit settings to copy, use Command+Shift+C on Mac or Ctrl+Shift+C on Windows. It will bring a dialog box where you can choose which edits to copy.

  • Paste the edits

Hold Command on Mac or Control on Windows and click on the photo you want to paste the edit settings to. Use Command+V on Mac or Ctrl+V on Windows to paste the edits on all of the selected images.

Note: Remember that each photo might be slightly different in origin. Go back to each one and check if its adjustments need some fine-tuning.

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