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Why DSTV is Limiting Streaming To Only One Device at A Time

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DSTV is making some changes and you should probably take note before they catch you off guard. The most significant of the changes revolve around their streaming devices limitations. The company says it is now limiting streaming to only one person at a time on the same subscription.

From 22 March 2022, customers will be limited to streaming DStv on one device at a time. They will still be able to watch previously downloaded content on a second device.

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DSTV Streaming Limitation Changes Explained

This is quite a backward move from the company but why you may ask. Well, DSTV states that it is a move to try and curb rampant password sharing.

In case you were wondering, yes it will affect all subscriptions and packages from Access to Premium across Africa. You will still be able to have up to 4 registered devices and still have the option to download content but only for offline streaming.

My advice is if you have a series you’d like to watch on the second device, you should download it before the 22nd of March. Luckily, if you have XtraView, it will not affect you. You will still be able to use it on up to 3 different decoders on the same subscription.

Lastly, the streaming service says there will be no change in prices and it will not affect Showmax users. What do you think of this change? Do you think it makes sense? Should they have taken a different route?

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