M-Pesa App Update Allows Sending Money To Multiple People At Once


Aside from other minor user interface and user experience changes, Safaricom added a peculiar update to their M-PESA app.


M-PESA Update: Send Money To Multiple at Once


Well according to the updates above, it looks like Safaricom will let you send money to up to 5 users at once.

The top question is, who are these sending money to 5 people simultaneously in this economy?

Then soon follows the question, who is this really for? Well in retrospect, it sounds crazy to send money to 5 people simultaneously.

However, if you think about it, there’s a few reasons. The obvious one is for companies paying employees via M-PESA.

Most times you’d have to send them their dues one by one which can be tedious. Now this update should help ease that pressure.

We’re not sure yet if it lets you select different amounts for different people but if that’s the case it’s even better.

Say you have a party and want to pay all your service providers separately. The food vendor, the decorations guy, the musical act and the baker.

Having this feature would let you make all the payments and not have to spend time sending the money.

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So in this case, Safaricom may have hit the jackpot here. If you’re feeling generous and just want to send your friends money, you just send them all money and you go on with your day.

How do you think you’ll use it? Do you think it’s a good move?



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