WhatsApp is undoubtedly the most popular messaging platform, especially in Africa and other emerging markets. The platform has consistently grown in popularity and since it hosts our deepest secrets in form of conversations, we might want to ensure that we keep those secrets a secret.

One way to do so is to ensure that you have a secure lockscreen enabled on your phone. However, some people may have the privilege of knowing your lockscreen password but that doesn’t mean you want them reading your WhatsApp conversations.

Here is how to keep those prying eyes from reading through your WhatsApp messages:


It is actually easier to lock your WhatsApp on iOS than it is on Android thanks to the platform enabling native screen lock support. This means that you can lock your WhatsApp, making it only accessible to you through your biometrics. Here’s how to do it:

  • Open WhatsApp
  • Go to Settings > Account > Privacy > Screen Lock
  • Enable FaceID or TouchID depending on the model of iPhone you are using
  • Then select how long you want the app to wait before it relocks itself again once you exit it

WhatsApp does warn that someone can still respond to your messages through the notifications unless you have chosen to hide them from within iOS settings and WhatsApp calls can still be answered even when the app is locked.


The native screen lock feature is yet to be available on Android and until then, Android users are going to have to rely on third-party apps to secure their messages. However, be careful when installing app-lock apps as most have been proven to be malware – do your due diligence before hitting the Install button.

Users of Samsung devices, however, can hide WhatsApp within the Secure Folder thus enabling the ability to lock WhatsApp using a password or biometrics through Samsung’s software.

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There are other Android OEMs that also have in-built app lock support, such as Huawei.

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